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Shabbona Seminars

Gregg S

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Would someone who attended Shabbona on Saturday post something about it? I chose to go crappie fishing instead because it was so nice. Did well. Yum.

Poor Shabbona, usually a blizzard for their event. This year it was one of the nicest fall days of the year. I wonder how attendance was effected.


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My apologies to gregg & others. I had went to the shabbona seminars, after fishing the rock for a couple hours.(more on that in a different post) Shabbona show for me, was very educational. I fish there quite often (when the rivers dont cooperate). theres more cribs placed every year. if you attended the shabbona seminar&watched the slide show they showed you where. How cool is that. Plus underwater pictures of the cribs, pictures of the barns,house, bridge, even the combine before they filled the lake with water. Im gonna find the combine this ice season (maybe with a hundred holes) also the speakers kept you intrested in what they had to share. They talked trolling, casting, drifting, very knowledgeable. how to apply what they were saying to the lake. Glad i went should have taken better notes.:D

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Guest rich mc

weather was too nice and attendance was almost a hundred paid.we were shooting for 200,

student attendance was only 6.. i didnt watch the seminar as i have seen it many times. i had more fun talking with jonn and bill b. bill still makes the big leech plasticsand i will get some for the blowout. rich

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