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sad news

Guest rich mc

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Guest rich mc

i got word of the passing of Joe Donato.he was an outstanding fly tyer and all around outdoorsman. his wake will be in midlothian at 147 and keeler on thursday. i will miss him on the forums and on the angling101 website. rich

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Like everyone else, I was stunned by this news. A half a day later, it is still hard to believe. I have to thank Rich for letting us know. The family and those, who knew Joe much better than I, have my sympathy.


Though I met Joe only once, I know he was a great person from contacts on websites. He was a world class fly tier who was always ready to share his stuff with us. He was always positive, and his enthusiasm lit up any discussion. It is an understatement to say we will miss him, but it is the best I can do.


Since Joes favorite fish, the Carp, is brown, I thought of the brown robed saint, St. Francis. He came through. I found a good thought on the Franciscan website.


The sadness of death

gives way to the bright

promise of immortality.

Lord, for your faithful people

life is changed, not ended.

When the body of our earthly

dwelling lies in death,

we gain an everlasting dwelling

in heaven.

Roman Missal

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Guest rich mc

thanks mike, that was nice .in an email from his brother. they will pass out some of his flies at the wake for friends to keep to remember him by.i have some from when he spoke at a shabbona club meeting in march. they will not hit water, or i should say some will as i have doubles rich

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Very terrible news. I was hoping to fish with him in the near future.


John . . . I conversed with Joe quite frequently prior to his death, and he was kind enough to send me patterns, tying instructions, and numerous samples of flies he had tied. i also understand you were a benefactor of his fly tying talents as well.


in tribute to his life and sharing his passion for fly tying with us, let's you and I dedicate our first Spring 2010 smallmouth bass outing in his memory. Would have happy to bring my 17' canoe down to the Mac to floatfish the river in his honor.



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In honor of Joe Donato who shared with me his love of fly tying and fly fishing, I now share the following with all ISA members in tribute to his passion behind the vice and on the waters of life. May you rest in peace, My Friend.


Fly Fishing


Fly Fishing is a symphony.

It is the oboe of a loon blowing on the lake

It is the bass of a frog croaking on the pond

It is the cymbal of a brook trout rising and splashing in the water,

After the violins of a may fly hatch.

It is music once heard, becomes life energy.

It is the fly line swishing in the air that pumps new blood into your life.


It is the union of the musician (JOE) and the maestro (GOD) in his solemn church.


- Tony Grenier

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