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9/28 4th Monday Bassbuggers - Event Report


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The Bassbuggers 4th Monday Fly-Tying group had a very successful start last night with 7 members in attendance. Thank you to Michael T. who demo'ed 'The Trojan Fly' (you had to be there), a smallie pattern he has used quite successfully this year. We tied up 2 'Trojan Flies' apiece (1 to keep; 1 to fish) and learned about a new material (EZ Body) to boot.

A special Thank You to Joseph M. and Bob D. for hosting the outing at One More Cast. Plus a big welcome to Steve S. who joined us for the first (and not the last) time and Ed B. our faithful (witty one-liner) observer.


Our next meeting of the 4th Monday Bassbuggers will be at OMC on Monday October 26th - 6 to 8pm.

Bob Davenport will be teaching the "Rabbit Mouse". Looks like a fun tie and a very fishable 'fly' (Do you really call a 'mouse' a 'fly'.

There's room for more fly-tyers!

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Thanks for all the hard work and support for and from our Bassbuggers.


I was thinking the other day about how many fly enthusiasts there must be on the "south side"......and I do mean "south", like Kankakee River country. I'd drop in on something local to learn something.


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Great pic Alan!


I'll get a few pics of the Trojan in a hour; the camera battery is dead. The Trojan Fly is well.....a minnow pattern. I still think the original material I used and had Monday night is Flexicord not EZ-Body. I'll take some pics of both materials. The EZ-Body material seems to be a stiffer less supple product, but it will work nicely for the Trojan as well. I have a bad habbit of taking the material out and throwing the package away.


Both are a tubing material used for minnow bodies and most famously used for Zonker patterns. There's also a mylar tubing which is a very similar material.


Joseph gave me a short length of small diameter mylar tubing to experiment with. I spent some time at the vise this morning and found a use for all the wide-gap worm hooks I don't use much any more.

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Here's the tubing shown tyed in at the front of the hook:


Push the tubing back over itself:


"Roll" the tubing down the shaft ;) :


Tye it off and leave the frayed ends:


The Trojan fly paid off on the Fox today. Hit the river with Jim Jones for a few hours. 3 minutes after Jim called it a day, the Trojan fly saved me from a skunking.

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