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Some Planting Pics

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I don't man to jump the gun on anyone who is going to post a formal report but I wanted to post some pics I took.


I had a very nice time. From my perspective, it was a really well organized event and I want to thank John personally for giving us the opportunity to do this. It went really fast and was not much work at all.


Here are some pics I snapped.


My son Max came with. We worked with Norm, his son Zach and a very nice chap named Brendon (hope I got that right). Max stayed on the shore and tossed plant plugs to us.





Volunteers take a break to smile for Paparazzi.




This is my attempt at an artsy-fartsy planting shot.





I could not stay for the post planting festivities, but on the way home I wanted to get some pics of some previously planted places. I'm pretty sure these are ones we planted because the area looked familiar. If we didn't, someone did. The whole shoreline was thick with plants. LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE!




Pretty cool eh?



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Posting from Niagara on the lake, Ontario


Mark, thanks for the pics and info. Those are definitely the plants we did in previous years and I'm really happy to see them looking so good. Some years have been washed out but once those have taken hold (like the ones pictured) we're off to the races.


Those pics are proof positive that the ISA and others are doing some great work there with ISA funds and volunteer efforts.


Thanks to the ISA for providing funds and direction and to our volunteers for their work.



P.S. It's really cool to see Phil Jackson come back from LA to help the planting.




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Thanks, Mark. Some stats 30 volunteers from 5 groups - ISA 18, FOFR 6, IDNR 1, DRIFT 4, Uof I Master Naturalist program 1. Started 8:30 done with 1000 plants by 11:15 complete with lunch & moved onto fishing by noon. This is still my favorite conservation event precisely because I go check out the previous years work sites & its rewarding to see the results. Its also cool to see the fish activity in & around the beds in high water. Phil Jackson is actually Mark Agresta from DRIFT.

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I'm also a U of I Master Naturalist. It's also one of my favorite events, love the dirty hands kinda stuff. It was Zach's first planting, from what he said, it won't be the last. It was good to see Max as well, he did a fine job, Mark has every reason to be proud of him.



I actually caught a smallie chasing minnows along the newly planted water willows and saw many minnows using the plants.


Zachary caught and landed a nice snapping turtle a little farther downstream, glad he had those longer pliers, all the distance I could get from that p.o' ed turtle's maw was appreciated. The highlight of my catch was a flathead on a crankbait. We stopped at the Duper on the way home as well.


This is the kind of event that makes a lasting impression on others as well as providing future habitat. I had one gent come up and thank us, said he saw us from across the river and was impressed that folks cared enough to give thier time.


John, Zach and I saw a 11 to 12 inch smallie go airborne a couple times where you said you spotted that musky. We worked the spot hard but no avail, mebbe he caught the smallie after all.


It wasn't even really work, more fun than anything else, the weather was just about perfect and my tan was improved. I spent some time with an old friend, caught some fish and put some faces to names, what more could you ask for?


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one of my fav of the year to help out

and being on some of my home water I will watch the change

nice day good people and eats wish I had more time to fish

kudos to john and all others that make conservation events outting happen



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Really the thanks are due to all who helped out. Without numbers it would not happen, with the generous turnout it was FUN as it should be. A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved. Watch for other opportunities like this & come out for the Military Kids day on 8/22 at Herrick lake. Another event that is more fun than work & helps with the passing the torch by showing many kids the fun of fishing for the first time.

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Thanks John Loebach for making it happen from the ISA organizational standpoint.

It isn't often apparent how much work behind the scenes goes into planning for these events, but the people doing it are a rare breed of volunteers.


Many thanks to each and every one that took time out of their busy lives to give back to the resource.


Great job on the photos, Mark.


Can I use the "artsy" one to showcase this event in the future?

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