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Private pond outing - followup

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So I was ready to pm all who wanted to come next Sat. 6/13 when Ron G called yesterday. Permission is on hold because his contact has left & the manager must confirm before we know that its ok. I hope to hear something on Monday and either way I will post & pm by Wed. evening, as it looks now this may be cancelled because of fear of liability.

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I'm hoping you're joking, but, just in case,....the answer is "no". We need to be on our best behavior while fishing. Save your thirst for lunchtime; it's worth waiting for.


Don't worry... that's why the smilie was there.


I'm kind of excited. I haven't caught any 'gills on the long rod since I left Atlanta. Just to wet everyones appetite, here's a pic of what I consider "decent" size bluegills. (Don't worry... I know this is a catch and release venue).

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John and Ron,


A family matter has arisen and Zach and I can't make it. Thanks for the opportunity and the invitation.

Sorry we can't come but I thought I'd let you know asap so you could contact someone that may be on a waiting list.

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Rained steadily the whole morning but some good size LMB mostly on spinner baits & plastics, a few bluegill. Nice pond clean water & a good restaurant. Lunch was excellant the microbrew was good, check it out sometime, www.onionpub.com. Not too expensive has meeting potential with a lot of space. Maybe we'll get a shot at doing this again sometime. Thanks to Ron G. & all who came.

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