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Thumper ?!?


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I recall seeing a post that mentioned a spinnerbait with a portion of it's title being "Thumper" that one could purchase at Cabela's. Well . . . I stopped by Cabels's today, and from this description, there were of no help. So I turn to my fellow ISA members for help . . . please.

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Sorry Steve but I LMAO cause I can imagine the Cabelas guy asking his co-workers for a thumper.


Anyway I believe it's a terminator ss. The owner of the monogram can give you a lot more info I'm sure.

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i'm the one that asked about the white thumper and was replied to as being the color (061 white thumper) in the terminator series of spinnerbaits..ask Eric, that's his baby......... :lol:



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The magic man's magic lure is on Cabela's site:


Terminator Super Stainless Dirty Water Spinnerbait Item:2UG-119676 $4.99


Colors 061 and 062 are single bladed.


"Super, Guide Model, Hudson Bay, 5 Star, Delux, Must Have, Already Outlawed in Some States, Going Fast..."

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