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Blowout 2009- Well?

Mike Clifford

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Can the ISA throw a party, or what?

Hope everybody had a great time!


Photos and stories will surely be streaming in soon.


In the coming days, I'll be illustrating exactly what it is all of you helped to finance by attending this remarkable event.

This was your party, and the celebration continues throughout the year as we are now able to tackle the issues important to you.....

Conservation among Illinois rivers and streams.

Thanks again for being a part of it.

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Guest rich mc

it was a great time. congrats to Don for all his speaking endeavours. great to see faces that we dont see enough of. enjoyed the food, extra room in the bar and superb prizes.kudos to jimj, jim k and scott. rich

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I echo Rich M's sentiments entirely!! Thanks to all who worked and gave of their day so others (ME) :rolleyes: could enjoy the great fellowship of other anglers. It was great to see all of you after the winter, and to meet others who love Smallmouth fishing. Thanks to Matt who won my outing on the Fox, we will have a great day fishing the Fox.. Take care see you at Bass-pro for Bob Long. Kevin Summers aka The Fishin Musician

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thanks to all who took time to all who sold tickets to all who gathered some killer prizes who set up to all who showed up THANKS !!!!


look foward to see on the water this year or hear from your trips on the water



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I really enjoyed all three speakers. There was definitely some excitement in the room when the DNR chief ws announced. There was obviously a lot of pent up frustration over the last 6 years of mismanagement. It was also nice to see Mr. Labrose, representing Dupage County in attendance. The slide show running throughout the evening was a really nice touch. Maybe some of those Clifford You Tube video treats could be added next year. Moving the food into the bar area was really helpful. It kept the prize area less congested. A very enjoyable evening!

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