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Are you Coming to the Blowout?

Jim J

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If you are coming to this big event, would you please consider bringing a prize donation for our raffle tables?


If everyone brought one prize that would make this an even greater event than it already is.


Remember that all the money raised at the Blowout goes to conservation for smallmouth bass in Illinois.


If you're not coming and would like to make a donation anyway, PM or e-mail any one of our officers.


Thanks in advance and see we'll see two hundred of our friends this Saturday!

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Just returned from the BASSMASTER Classic and I'll bring an assortment of the hotest and latest Swimbaits to raffle for the club.


Dan Basore


How many are you bringing, Dan? I need to know how much cash to bring. Good thing my monthly paycheck goes in on the 1st. I'm in sooooo much trouble! :unsure:

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Jim ,


Save some space on a table . I've got 8 crankbaits , 8 bags of plastics , a fishing hat and some business cards from the bait shop making the donation .

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Rich and Jim ,


I'm fishing my way up to the blowout Saturday . I'll be there about 3 with the goods , shouldn't take long to put them in the boxes in you want .

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Rich ,


4 shallow running and 4 medium running XPS crankbaits , assorted colors .

1 bag 10 count 6 inch black Power Lizards

1 bag 20 count 4 inch sour grape Zoom Centipedes

1 bag 10 count 3.5 inch motor oil red/black flake BPS Salty Slender Tubes

1 bag 10 count 3.5 inch black w/chartreuse tail BPS Salty Slender Tubes

1 bag 10 count 4 inch watermelon w/chatreuse tail XPS Tubes Heavy Salt and Scent , got eyes on them

2 bags 25 count 3 inch motor oil red BPS Tripple Ripple grubs w/Yum garlic scent , I ain't touching dem

2 bags 25 count 3 inch pumpkinseed BPS Spring Grubs


1 fishing hat with K3 Trading Post logo on it .


How about making each box one type of bait that might be more appealing than mix and match ?


I volunteer Joz to handle them garlic scented ones .

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