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Chicagoland Show wrap-up

Tim Negronida

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We wrapped up the Chicagoland Show today and I just want to take a moment to thank all of the members that took the time to volunteer, so thank you Jim Mullany, Craig Holderness, Dick Gronlund, Ed loch, Ed Buric, Stan Zarnowiecki, Steve Kollmann, Pat Hirschtick, Dan & Judy Quenzel and of course some of our officers Rich McElligott, Gregg Stockey, Mike Clifford and Don Rego.


Now there are some members reading this and saying “hey what about us”, you guys are the volunteers that had not worked a show previously and decided to give it a try, and from the sounds of it, came away glad that you had, so Chip Potter and Gordon Patriarca an extra big thank you is thrown your way!


The feeling is that the show went well. We signed up a bunch of new members and got our literature and message to a lot of folks that may join our organization down the road.


For those of you that may be checking out the website because you recently joined or were encouraged to do so at the show by one of or ISA members, welcome! Take a moment to look around and don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.


Once again, thanks!



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Guest rich mc

excellent job in chairing this event Tim. nice work by our members in spreading the word of what our club does. the new member packets are an awesome tool and the shirts made us better. 4 more shows to go. thanks everyone. rich

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Having attended the show for many years, I sought the opportunity to represent an organization at the show with the same sportfishing values that I support . . . and my wish came true compliments of the oranizational leadership exemplified by the ISA leadership corps.


This being my first experience as an ISA Exhibitor, I enjoyed every moment spreading the word about "catch and release" and preservation/conservation measures required to ensure future generations (including my three grandsons) have the opportunity to join "PaPa" and other grandparents in learning the same values.


That said, you can count on me again next year . . . and as stated in a previous message, perhaps next year's schedule will permit me to make a greater contribution. For those who didn't volunteer, this "Show Newbie" strongly urges you to give it a try next year . . . we at ISA always need your support!



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Steve, I mistakenly thought you had worked the shows before, so I was wrong to not include you in the new show volunteer group. I am glad that you enjoyed the experience.


Thank you everyone for the recognition, but these shows are really a team effort. This was the first show that I was involved in at this level and all I did was allow myself to be shoved in the right direction. The behind the scene members are the ones that help make these shows successful and rarely receive the accolades. Members like Dick G, Jim J, Jim Kast, Scott F, Mike C, Don R, Rich M and others that I’ll get in trouble for leaving out helped the ISA be a success at this show and others.


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:lol: Thanks Tim, I can re-direct the missle I had aimed at your house now! :ph34r:

We are planning on put it on the market come April, hind sight it would have been easier for you to have taken care of it for us....I guess I blew it again. ;)

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