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rich mc

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9 hours ago, rich mc said:

at the blowout jim crowley talked about using the x rap with a feathered hook. and   the ripstop, what was the other one?  said it stops then rolls on its side. 

Shadow rap. It's designed to sink. Idk if it fades like he described but but it'll catch

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It was the shadow rap, which does have that slight sink. I tried the ripstop and wasn't that impressed. It doesn't run very deep which is probably good for shallow rivers. Not so good for lakes or deeper sections of river.  I'm not so sure how important a feathered hook is.  I catch a ton of fish on lucky craft pointers which do not have a feathered hook.  I do like the Rapala X-rap XR-10's & XR-8's as they are great for smallmouth in lakes or rivers.

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thanks.   i will purchase a few in pink colors. i did use the lurepartsonline discount and ordered flippin hooks to match the marabou jig vmc jig he praised . will attempt to make a fly just like the jig pattern.    ordered monday and it came today.

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