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Lure Wrap Conundrum

Dan Draz

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The premise of this is that you're wading with 3 rods, all of which are pre-rigged. Two are in a 3rd grip (Yes, I still have one) - no issue there. 

The challenge I'm trying to solve for involves not getting hooked with the rods that are off my side or behind me. Not only painful... but detrimental to your clothing, waders and skin.

Enter commercial lure wraps. I've tried a few and the hooks either get stuck in the fabric type material OR they pierce the material and the result is back to the conundrum above. No bueno.

I'm sure they're good for keeping hooks from getting tangled in cars of boats but thus far haven't proven to be good for keeping hooks away from clothing or skin. Neoprene is obviously out for the same reasons - haven't tried a heavier grade canvas material yet which might work.

I'm thinking the solution in not having hooks puncture the material, or getting stuck in it, lies in some type of heavy plastic of which there are some on the market. But again, in looking at them, not sure the design is optimal for folks wading in rivers.   

As we head towards wading season, wondering what creative solutions anyone's experimented with, found commercially available where hooks don't get stuck in the wrap (or puncture it), or any DIY hacks out there which would solve the issue. 

Silly question I know, but bring on the insights....

Tight lines,


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Well, to your first point, I got where you were going and I actually thought about the "less is more" model which would certainly eliminate the conundrum, and that's definitely a viable option given the rods that I have. But then I started thinking about being versatile while on the water and having different baits ready to throw for different situations in conjunction with then factoring in how many times do I want to be retying while standing in the middle of the river.

As for the treble hook protectors, again not a bad idea but having those on takes the hook keeper out of play on my rods. Unless, of course, one could attach a clip to the treble hook protectors then clip on to the hook keeper. A lure wrap around the bait allows me to use the hook keeper so the bait isn't flopping around but covers it thus taking the "getting poked" or "hooked to skin or clothing" out of play. I guess the only other side of the treble hook protectors that I contemplated is not inadvertently having them end up falling into the river, which I'd like to avoid for pollution avoidance reasons.

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While tying flies, especially articulate ones, I use a piece of plastic tube or foam to cover the hook points, so that I don't poke myself. As for treble hooks, try cutting a piece of thick foam (e.g. an old flipflop) into a quarter sized disks, make a small hole in the middle, and slitted one opening from the outside edge to the middle, and use it to cover the treble hooks. Carry several spare with you, in case you lose one. Just an idea. I haven't tried yet.

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