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New member, Art


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Hey folks, I’m Art. Live in the southwest burbs. 

I’ve mostly trout fished in the Driftless these past several years and more recently began fishing the Kankakee for smallmouth more (can’t believe what I’ve been missing!)

Looking for tips to improve my smallmouth fly fishing game. I know we’re not supposed to share spots, but would like to hear about other bodies of water within 2 hours of Chicago that are wadable. Again, just general “this river is wadable and not devoid of life” within the parameters allowed. 



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10 hours ago, Scott Ferguson said:

The DuPage and Fox are both wadeable and have good smallmouth numbers. Make a point of coming to ISA get togethers this winter and you will meet guys who are generally happy to help you learn access points and good locations. 


great thanks Scott. i’m assuming I’d learn about the get togethers on the Events page on this site?

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1 hour ago, Kev-mo said:

Welcome Art. As Terry said there will be a Pizza Party in early December. I need to post this weekend.

I picked up the trout bug several years while visiting my son in CO. Haven't been to the Driftless yet...

love the Driftless. only problem is the drive… Big Green and Blue are my go to streams (3.5 hour drive or so.. tough but can be done round trip in same day).

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