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3rd Grip tip

Tim Negronida

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Bought a 3rd Grip for the Wisconsin River trip I made with Don and Steve a few weeks ago. I received it only a few days before we left, thanks again for the rush order John. I didn’t have a chance to try it out in the water before we left to head north like I would have wanted, but I did have time though to walk around the yard for a quick trial leaving the neighbors with even more questions about me. One thing I noticed was that the tube holding my rod handle seemed to be over sized in order to accommodate a larger size rod handle, it left a lot of room for medium lite rod to flop around in the holder.


Time to modify, I took a piece of 1¼” PVC pipe which is just barely to large to fit into the 3rd Grips tube but it was the correct interior size for my rods that I fish with most. In order to get the PVC into the Grip tube I cut out a piece length wise out of the PVC pipe. I was able to then squeeze the PVC into the existing holder, it fit snug and also created a notch for my spinning real arm to seat it’s self into for a more secure fit.




I also cannibalized an old pair of waders and used the shoulder strapping and clips to rework the straps on the 3rd Grip to set it up for a rear left hip position.


I‘ll bet you from now on that you will not be seeing me in the water with out that 3rd Grip, and if you do don’t bring it up because I’ll be ticked off enough as it is because I left it behind...3 THUMBS UP!


Now as a bonus tip ;) , I also cut the stockings off of those same old waders in order to use them when I wet wade with my wading boots so that I don’t have to wear three pairs of socks.

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I am confused????????? Why were you worried about the rod flopping around in the tube? It will not go anywhere or fall out? Also, you mentioned setting it up for a rear left hip position. The holder was already set up to go on the left rear hip? Just wondering why the need for tinkering??

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I am confused?????????

John did not mean to confuse you sooooooooo much. In MY opinion the tube is oversize for my rod handle, simple as that, and I thought I would pass along the tip.


The buckle on the waist belt is stitched in place on the Velcro strap, so unless am I wrong that when you put it on around your waste it is on your right side and then you must spin it around to where you want it to sit on your hip.


I also believe that the leg strap is also permanently set up for the right leg because how the clip is stitched to the holder, as in this photo.


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