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Smokin em with a Hot Summer pattern

Jim J

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Have you guys observed how everyone is catching fish now? Lots and lots and some real big ones and everywhere.


I chuckle when guys have problems with low water and are looking for some rain. That's BS to me and steelhead talk.


Smallmouth are sight feeders (DUH)


The hotter, lower and clearer the water the better.


Fish are literally everywhere now. Little ones, big ones, medium ones.


Their metabolism is at its peak and they will crush everything from buzzbaits on down.


There are a few areas that hold more or bigger fish than others, but this is the time to be out.


Also another old wives tail is how topwaters work best in low light and to go to other baits during the day. That stuff comes from fishing largemouths in lakes. It looks like Dick's 20 came in bright sun on a topwater. Does that give you a clue about not listening to a lot of old, dumb talk? I would also bet that his fish came from 3 feet of water or less.


Every year I am chompin at the bit for super hot, clear, summer weather. It ought to be smokin from now to at least late Sept.


Get a bait on and get your a.. out there.

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Amen! Hallelujah! You are singin' to the choir here! Hot weather, low clear water, OH BABY! Can you tell I'm excited that my river is finally reaching that stage and I'm going fishing in the morning? This year has been TOUGH. As soon as the Kish gets down to six feet...BOOM... another t-storm adds a couple feet to the gage. Most frustrating year ever for me.

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Best year of the last three by far. I'm averaging 30+ fish an outing in July and June. One word: Sammy 100. The amount of 17"+ this year is astounding.


Fish stacked in what little current is left and shade. Front and rear of pools.





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Jim J,

Great advice!

All good points.

Several HOT baits, are working right now.

If an angler is not catching fish, they don't have a lure in the water, or the fish already ate by the time they got to the water.


"upsizing" to larger lures, is good right now, too.

It surprising, how many more larger fish are being caught, on bigger baits, right now.

Even smaller fish are crushing larger baits.


Then the theory of largers baits, can be thrown out, when the fish prefer smaller baits.

Go figure.


I like the advantages of the Yamamoto's Twin-Tail grubs.

They can be fished along the top, sub-surface or crawled along the bottom.

They're just like your favorite "hula-grub", expect without that goofy hair-du.

(and, they don't have the beads, like in some hair-do's).

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Since I'm losing mine, I prefer to see some somehwere.


I am also in the large baits = large fish camp.


Opened my new Midwest Flyfshing mag this am and low and behold, an article touting low, clear, the hotter the better water for smallmouth fishing.


Would you lookie that... (spoken like you're on He Haw)

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YET, we had one of the worst outings in the history of the ISA on the Kankakee last weekend.

Go figure.


At some point, that must change.


I'm with you- I LOVE the dog days of summer for fishing.

People can talk about spring and fall for big ones, but the middle of summer works just as well for them.

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I prefer the low, clear water myself. Give me some shortened days and some cooler evenings down in the 50's and the late summer/fall feedbag will get turned on for sure. I think the low clear water is more of a benefit to small to medium size rivers and creeks this time of year. There is a lot less good habitat then and the fish are stacked in easy to read locations. I still like higher flows on bigger rivers. It pushes the fish towards the shorelines, creates distinct eddies and the fish are less spooky.


As far as "hot" lures goes, I don't think it really matters most of the time. Its more about being in the right place at the right time with a presentation that is big and in the strike zone for a while. For whatever it is worth my last 2 over 16" IL smallmouth came on yammy hula grubs on back to back casts in the same pool of a low clear stream on a hot day, in the middle of the day.

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Its more about being in the right place at the right time with a presentation that is big and in the strike zone for a while.


I agree with that!


Never heard of a Hula Grub. Who makes em?

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Low clear water= spooky fish. The longer you can cast, the better. This is where Lucky craft lures shine with their weight system. I can toss a Sammy 50 yards. Outcasting your foot noise seem to be key in getting at bigger fish.


Sammy also seems to catch fish a buzzbait spooks.

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Jim ,


I was out before the sun came up , plenty of smallies feeding up top but couldn't buy a hit on topwaters . I think they were prolly little guys chasing bugs .


I switched to a crankbait and fished underneath them and got quality fish . I believe the big girls were taking advantage of an easy source of food , little bass intent on eating bugs .


Later a buzzbait in the riffles was taking some nice fish .

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If you get a chance to scan a current MWO - I stopped writing about individual experiences and more on this type of fishing. This month's is "Stream Rules - Early and Often". I'm thinking of another article named "Smallmouth Myth Busters" - after my 7 year old's favorite show on cable.

We've been experiencing some spotty success on topwaters - early has been consistent - then it changes after 11am and the fish have been back on the topwater feed again. Those older articles were more based on individual KKK River experiences. The fish are biting on lots of different baits, clear water, skinny water, weeds, no weeds all that good stuff. With our new guy, my brother and me were able to catch them through 1pm on topwaters in less than 18 inches of water! Many quality fish 12" and above. Small topwater baits - larger ones - it's all good.


Right now - the point is to get out and start casting. It's like Wayne Gretzky said once "You always miss 100% of the shots you never take".




Hula Grub is the name of Yamamoto's Brand skirted grub. Just like my favorite quote of "twister-tail grubs" over curly tail grubs, the MR TWISTER is one of the most famous.

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I love the idea of "smallmouth myth busters" That's a great idea. There are so many things that get floated around that are from lake ideas, or trout ideas or whatever. The people that have spent years on streams for smallies really get it, and the longer you do it the more "myths" are busted.


All I ever used to look for in summer was the deepest water I could find. I learned, but that basically took more and more days on the water and fishing (and learning from) lots of other guys.


I am continuing to learn which is really exciting.




I was kiddin about the HG thing.


They are my all time favorite plastic. 5" #301

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