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what did santa bring

rich mc

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  santa gave me a book by stu thompson tyed and true patterns.   ,santa gave my grandson the clouser flies book and i had to help him out by getting some supplies from dupage fly.  tip for next year  hang your waders up on the mantle as it will hold more!               my two daughters got some dry boxes for the kayak [good deals at plano moulding]

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Deer hair packer (Fugly) , Whiting Farms Bugger Packs- Olive and brown, a whopper popper and a Berkley Line counter.  Several Cabelas - Bass Pro cards, of which I am thinking about spending on a Garmin Striker 4 for my Sylvania trips. 

Oh, and a Yeti tumbler/ coffee cup- in olive green.  Just so people know I am a serious outdoors guy.  Actually my youngest bought me that on his own.  I thought that was pretty cool.

My wife's side of the family is tech savy and they came up with a website called  "CheckedTwice".  It's basically a gift registry linked to amazon or whatever the place on the web the item is found.

At first I was like "well that's pretty commercial" , but now I think it's great.  The stuff I put on there is not super expensive and it's pretty cool to get stuff you can actually use.  Once you get everyone on board it works really well.  


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