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Flies for the Friar..

kevin summers

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Hi all you Dark Siders. I'm sure some of you remember me as The Fox River Fishin Musician. I have a request or favor to ask of you.I would appreciate any help you could provide. Last fall, which now seems like forever ago, I had the pleasure to fish with a Fransician monk that I met serendipitously on one of my favorite stretches of the river. Our conversation was outstanding and his demeanor was infectious to say the least. I will cut to the chase , the friars take a vow of poverty..The friary that he is a member of down around Loyola  in the city, share a car. I did not see him again after our initial encounter last season. We did exchange info for another day for when he can get out here again. He was using a modest fly set-up (which was his) however he only had 3 flies to fish with. He lost 2 of them in our fishing adventure, and he never did catch a fish. I would like to pick your brain on what kind of flies would be helpful for him to catch bass on the river and/or fish in a normal city pond. I am hoping to put together a small set of flies, which he could use this upcoming 2021 season. I would gladly pay for some flies tied by this group, and or appreciate any ideas on size color etc. He was using a 5 wt. I will end this request with it was amazing the amount of peace and love he exhumed for being in the river. We were spotting some eagles and the song birds seem to be singing quite loudly, for his enjoyment. No matter what your faith or lack of, his  stories of service to the community and love of nature made it a joy to be standing with him and giving him a few pointers on MY stretch of river. Ironically, I was catching quite a few good size smallies and offered him my spinning rod to catch a few. In a kind and graceful way, he simply declined and told me that fly fishing seemed to be a great release for his soul. It was his second time out, giving it a go and I would like him to see just how much fun it would be for him actually to catch a Smallmouth Bass.. Thanks in Advance! Stay Healthy. 

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I'd be happy to tie some up to donate over the next few months, Clouser's and Wooly Buggers probably since they're the most effective all arounders.  My wife works at Loyola and I'm not too far from there so I could work out a meet up once the world is less "covidy".  Shoot me a PM for my phone #






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