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bristol bay alaska

rich mc

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maybe some prominent wealthy people need to go fish the menominee.....

and what's the deal with this? "Mine supporters say the project would bring year-round jobs to an area that badly needs them and provide minerals the nation needs." do we really have a mineral shortage? maybe find whoever is hoarding all the coins and melt those down as i'm sure this is the beginning of the end of currency. and maybe some areas just shouldn't have that many year round jobs?

i don't know.... it hasn't been working too well so maybe we need to do it differently?

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4 hours ago, Kev-mo said:


This smells worse than a grizzly bear farting out a rotting salmon.  Thats just my imagination, I can't afford to smell a grizzly fart so why should I care?

Puzzling.  Like a week or two I caught a story where the Army Corp said, "yeah it's cool...paraphrasing of course). 

Like here...https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-07-24/pebble-mine-army-corps-alaska

All of a sudden, it's OK... "Holy Smoke... how did this squeek thru Jr??




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