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Double Barrel Popper

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This is my second attempt at a weighted popper. I have nearly zero experience at tying , watched  a few videos and have spent limited time in front of a vise. I also did a few attempts at what might count for Clouser minnows. I need to learn some basic tying techniques. Jeez, maybe I should read a book. Anyway, I tried the popper tonight while wet wading just before sunset at a river near me but no luck. It worked very well in my opinoin but I might be fishing it wrong. I understand how to get a largemouth to take it on pond but have never tried something like this to specifically target smallies. I'll keep tying and messing with the weighted part that makes this fly more unique to me. My goal here is a hand tied popper for flipping and pitching with a spinning rod while floating, hence the weight. Any color suggestions or ideas would be very welcomed. 

Double Barrel Popper and Slider Body - large (sliced it open from the bottom and removed some of the inside to accommodate the weight)

Pencil popper hook - size 1

1/16 oz weight - pinched on the hump of the shank

Flash blend mixed w/ streamer hair


Rooster saddles 

Legs- round rubber medium. 

Eyes - 6mm

30 lb test weed gaurd




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1 hour ago, rich mc said:

i would also reverse the head  to make it a slider      if you want weight for castingyou cam wrap the body with a cross cut rabbit strip.it will  cast good with a spinning rod when wet

Ah ha. I like that idea, thank you. Adding a weight to it was such a pain so I will definitely try that. 

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Great start. Good to see out of the box thinking-. Hooks I suppose are personal choice. That said, I will go with my favorite 2/0 Umqua U505 when I copy your fly.

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started playing with wire shanks. used a few double barreled popper heads.   i add my worm or frogfly   to the front wire. add lot of thread to the shank and super glue it in the slot.  now the rear fly will move freely and sink down a little. will be testing them today on a nearby pond

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