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  1. I stayed under those bridges for a little bit. Got out of the water just after 10 O'clock. Had a couple of bites but needed to get back to the house. Thank you for setting that up, that area is really cool and would like to spend more time there. Before I headed home I did stop at the other two closest put ins, would like to float that section sometime
  2. I'll be there in the morning. Wet wading sounds good to me.
  3. This is a closer view from the southside emegency access point. The workers have finished in that area so I was able to sneak in.
  4. Took another photo from the same vantage point as last time. Dam is gone.
  5. Thanks John, I'll try the split shot trick. I'm glad you mentioned the slow sink rate. I tried it out last night on the DuPage at sunset. No takers, saw some tiny ones following it around though. It did sink slowly and I didn't realize at the time that was a bonus.
  6. Not a fly fisherman and lack knowledge of what gets called what and why certain flys get tied with what materials. I do enjoy making things and this one is intended to be cast. It was inspired by Tom L and his Secret Weapon. I guess it's sort of like his CF Muddler, has some the same materials but I added some rabbit fur hopeing that it would cast better. Tested it this morning casting into a light breeze while wet, can only get it to go 55 feet. Any suggestions on adding a few more feet? Using 8 lb Braid for the test and could try lighter mono. Might add in some perch stripes after tweaking it.
  7. I believe they are installing a cofferdam in this photo.
  8. This view of Hamel Woods Dam is from the westbound lane of RT 52 looking north, taken today as I was passing by. Not really a good spot around to safely pull over and get a better look. Progress looks good so far.
  9. I will be there. I'll bring a few of those variety packs of chips and mixed snacks .
  10. Know the location of a junk tire? Maybe that old white wall is right next to one of your secret spots and you wished it were gone. Like me, you’ve seen a few but can’t get them out in that moment. I’d like to help remove them, no need to tell me it’s your secret spot I can work with you individually if you know of a few here or there, or if you know of an area that has many tires we can organize a larger group. Please keep in mind that I’m in Plainfield, so within 50 miles or so is my ability. Any river, creek or lake as long as it’s public and legal. No large tires please i.e. truck or agricultural. I will bring the passenger tires to Discount Tire and cover the $3.00 disposal fee per tire, reimbursement has been arranged. Social distancing guidelines need to be adhered during these uncertain times. Reply here so we can get a few tires out, then make some time to fish. This one was submerged in the DuPage River within Hammel Woods in Shorewood. First saw it back in July and thankfully It hadn’t moved much since then. Of course this area has more than just an occasional tire so the might as well stuff gets picked out also.
  11. Menomonee was also very memorable for me. Thank you Scott for organizing and giving me the Meps #3 which produced higher numbers. Never had a taker on the Whopper Plopper, mostly fished a Fluke sometimes on a weighted hook except the last day with the Meps. Couldn't land two very big fish in the rapids of Twin Islands, oh well there is always next time. A few 18s thru 15s with lots of 14s, one decent Walleye that jumped out of my hands half a second before the camera went off (second pic) and a few Northerns. Now on to my favorite fish of the trip, a fierce 14.5 incher that was on both sides of my kayak multiple times while I struggled to get it in the net. Last 3 photos are some really nice 18s that were just shy of a PB. Great trip, new friends, can't wait to get back.
  12. Just messing around with this one. Its on my Cook County 2020 calendar and recently have seen one at Knoch Knolls Nature Center.. Thought it would be neat to try.
  13. Much better second try. I need to tie in the biots just a bit shorter.
  14. I tried this version of a Hellgrammite. Quite the task and somewhat pleased with the result. I've got most of it figured out except the biot. I used Turkey Biot but maybe the wrong side. I should have used the leading edge side, that would have produced better results. I try another few with some adjustments. Can a Menominee Smallie featuring this Hellgrammite be in my next picture? Fingers crossed.
  15. Ah ha. I like that idea, thank you. Adding a weight to it was such a pain so I will definitely try that.
  16. I use a cheap extendable hiking pole tethered to my wader belt by a 550 cord, kind of dangerous. It floats behind me while not needed and close to hand when moving through sketchy areas. Cord can get really jammed up with piles of eelgrass sometimes. I like John’s wooden cane idea, multi purpose and a bit safer.
  17. This is my second attempt at a weighted popper. I have nearly zero experience at tying , watched a few videos and have spent limited time in front of a vise. I also did a few attempts at what might count for Clouser minnows. I need to learn some basic tying techniques. Jeez, maybe I should read a book. Anyway, I tried the popper tonight while wet wading just before sunset at a river near me but no luck. It worked very well in my opinoin but I might be fishing it wrong. I understand how to get a largemouth to take it on pond but have never tried something like this to specifically target smallies. I'll keep tying and messing with the weighted part that makes this fly more unique to me. My goal here is a hand tied popper for flipping and pitching with a spinning rod while floating, hence the weight. Any color suggestions or ideas would be very welcomed. Double Barrel Popper and Slider Body - large (sliced it open from the bottom and removed some of the inside to accommodate the weight) Pencil popper hook - size 1 1/16 oz weight - pinched on the hump of the shank Flash blend mixed w/ streamer hair Bucktail Rooster saddles Legs- round rubber medium. Eyes - 6mm 30 lb test weed gaurd
  18. I plan to go. On Call that weekend so if I’m not called out I will be there. For a dish, may I bring chips? Like those individual wrapped snack size variety bags.
  19. This was caught and released in Aug 2019 along the DuPage. At that time I realized this fish was very different but never asked anyone what their thoughts were. You can see its hunchbacked, a bit skinny and the jaw had been previously injured. I felt so sorry for it and let it go back. Could this ugly sad fish be a Hybrid Large/Smallie ?
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