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Chicago just notched its wettest May on record — for the third May in a row. At least 8.37 inches of rain has come down so far this month and, with a third of the month still to go, that tally is expected to grow.

This year’s historic May rainfall broke the record of 8.25 inches set in May 2019, which had surpassed May 2018′s 8.21 inches, the previous record holder.

Three consecutive rainfall records are remarkable when you consider the Windy City’s weather reports date back to 1871

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I live near Midway.  We got 1.5" in 20 minutes.  My gutters could not handle it.  6" total from Wednesday to Monday morning according to my rain guage.  My town, Burbank and neighboring Oak Lawn got all kinds of flooding couple years ago so the state spent 20 million dollars digging out all the dirt, silt and shmutz out of Melvina Ditch (our reservoir) to bring it back to capacity. It easily filled up almost to the top. 

On the bright side it put my foundation repair - epoxy injection I did myself to a the test It performed admirably. 


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