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It aint a Bass Boat

Mark K

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I don't want to rip on these guys nor do i want anyone else to, but this whole concept, when all is said and done money and effort wise, couldn't you just get a used bass boat (lets pretend we are not in illinois) 

Is it really sensible to put all this stuff $$$ in a thing you can capsize so easily?   Does such a vessel even qualify as kayak? 


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SO... How much can I comfortably lift on top of my Hyundi, and be comfortable sitting on for a day. Spent a little over $800.00 dollars on my Yacht (YAK) with paddle and leashes . Bought a Yakima easy loader for the roof rack and I have been a Happy Guy. Did Flip her in Michigan and watched as she floated away down stream. So sad , thought I was SOL however my paddle leash caught a laydown and stopped the yak from it's freedom a mile downstream. It would have sucked to lose my Pescador Pro, but half as much as if I lost a Hobie  or 4 times a blue sky... Word to the wise...The arborist says watch for sunken logs unseen on your floats..

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