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fly and jig tying

rich mc

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there will be a fly and jig tying session on  Saturday March 14. held at Runaways restaurant in north aurora [rt 56 and 25]  12  to 3pm.     we will tye up flies and jigs using satin and eyelash yarn.  on the list are some  sexy shad clousers and some madtom initations   . should also have time for a few dragontail style tails.  all material will be  provided .this is for anyone , bring your vise and tools , a few extras will be available for  rookie tiers  .   they have good food,cold drinks and the fox river is close to test your creations . 

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PS Don't be afraid of the dragon tails. rich sent me some samples to photo.

40354961533_c54240f8b1_z.jpgDragonTails by Michael , on Flickr

I later used them for tails of articulated Brammer style streamers.

47426910591_7269209d15_z.jpgshankdragons1 by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr

Is the 9 incher a fly or a lure. When wet it weighs a full 1/2 ounce. Cast that on your 3 WT!


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 the sexy shad fly or jig is a definite, the madtom imitation i will have them  to look at  but a common creek chub will  be a better choice.  i was at the iowa fly show saturday and the dnr had a display tank with 2 dozen chubs   so i took notes and will demo those. they are also much more available than the madtoms .

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5 showed up to tie . 3 were first time tyrs. i will re tie the flies and take photos by step this week.   we did a 3 inch  simple leech, river minnow streamer, eyelash streamer and a large dragontail.

used short cloud 9 yarn,satin, 3/4 snuggle up eyelash yarn and 1/4 inch panda eyelash yarn .  

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