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tequelly fly

rich mc

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I've fish it in black with white rubber legs (traditional girdle bug color) and had some in yellow with brown legs that were really good at times on the local rivers here. It reminds me I have to tie up some yellow ones to fish again.

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I think the Tequeely is one of those classic patterns that only  comes in one color combination like the Royal Coachman or Mickey Finn of yore. The pattern includes specific materials and colors. But thanks for reminding us of this killer of Smallmouths. You know I have to tie up some in red and white.

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Sorry to hear about orvis.

Two ideas:

Gilt Eyelash in copper is a perfect match for the color. Palmered it would make a shaggy body which might not be a bad thing. Or, to reduce the bulk it could be trimmed or furled into a sparkly yarn.

Cactus Chenille, Estaz, Pear Chenille, and Ice Chenille all have a Root Beer color. Though the color varies from brand to brand, any one would probably be ideal for this pattern. Check the usual stores and online sources.

PS Just took a look at Feather Craft who has a lot of these brands. The color is also sometimes called rust or rusty brown. Tobacco Estaz looks real interesting


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