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Keeping warm in the kayak


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Another option or in addition to might be that pink solid foam insulation used in construction. They always recommended that in scouts for winter camping along with blankets when sleeping on the ground

Not sure I'm ready for cold water paddling. After watching several of Jeff Little's videos on youtube it seems a dry suit is a requirement rather than an option and right now spending that much is not an option. Also I slipped many years ago while wading in early spring and got about half my upper body wet. Despite the half mile or so walk back to the car I was shivering pretty good so I know how fast things could go south.

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Once it gets below 35 degrees it’s a lot easier to stay warm and walk the shore. Dry suit sounds like the way to go. Mostly been hitting lakes and extremely shallow creeks. If we get some rain/snow melt it’ll push the fish against the shore and bank fishing will be easy. 

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I fish year round if I can find open water.  Waders/shore fishing/kayaking..

- wear neopene waders even when kayaking,  i'm too cheap to buy a drysuit but I wear a super flexy wetsuit coat over or tucked into the waders (front zip so easy to take on and off), carry multiple pairs of water proof gloves on outings.  Gloves should range from lighter neoprene to waterproof ski gloves when its cold and windy. Pack a small or medium size dry bag for extra emergency items (shell coat, shirt, hat, vest, whatever makes sense for case you swim or just want to dress up or dress down).

Winter weather fishing requires you to prep more and carry more...on foot it always means a backpack comes along, with yak one or two waterproof bags for extras.  If in yak and your getting real cold get out and get moving on the shore for awhile that or paddle hard for awhile.



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