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High-Vis Color Choices?

Mike Clifford

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As for High-Vis, what is the consensus on color?

My eyesight is only getting worse (probably due to work-related hazards the last 25 years).....and I seem to be losing an aspect of fishing (line watching) that is very important in many situations.

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Quite a few largemouth fishermen with diminished eyesite use the bright hi-vis Stren and report no drop-offs in fish catching. Another option is to use a hi-vis braid with a flourocarbon leader. I know a lot of guys who use the braid/leader set-up because they like the sensitivity of the braid. Personally, it is too many knots for me but it works for them. Good fishing. Paul

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Coming from the Pacific NW where we did a ton of steelhead fishing, the high vis lines were all the rage because when you are fishing rivers in a drift boat it is often very difficult to see clear line in fast moving, or dirty river water. And if you couldn't see your line, you were likely to miss bites that you observe, especially when bobber and jig, or bobber and bait fishing the rivers. That said, I haven't tried it for smallies but the premise is basically the same. If the fish aren't line shy, it will probably work and since I am one with vision issues like alot of other people (we all get older sooner or later...) I am likely to break it out here as well. I was just contemplating that this afternoon.


Tight lines,



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Another group of options to consider might be:


Berkley Vanish Flourocarbon line in 6-8 pound test good vis above water, disappears under water

Stren/Berkley Clear blue line, higher vis above water, moderate vis below water

Cabela's Camo line, multi-colored above water red/green/clear- very low vis below water - tough line overall

(I'm thinking of buying the 1000 yard spool


Let me know what you think of these lines.

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I've sworn by Fireline Hi Vis Green for a couple of years now. For some reason, I now have PowerPro on my reel, which is dark green. Now I realize how visible that Hi Vis is! I'm really having a tough time seeing the Power Pro. I keep on thinking I'll get used to it, but I may be switching back to the Fireline soon.

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When I need a visibile line I use a Stren Clear Blue or a Hi-Vis Stren.


These progressive Bi-focals & alolergy eyes are starting to make me think of moving to a Hi-vis line more often..


My flute playing is getting bad too. The bronzebacks seem to resist lining up to jump on the hook or in the kayak!

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Cortland Line Company offers a variety of Hi-Vis lines:

Master Mono, (same material as their camo),

Endurance (a super mono, akin to colymer), best mono line on todays market,

MasterBraid (superbraid line) best superbraid on todays market.


These are the "Hi-Vis Yellow" colored lines.


Very visible on the water.

The mono are quite transparent under water.


With the superbraid, I add a 3-6ft lengthof clear tippet, when fishing clear waters, and using live bait,

for the shy biters and finicky fish.


Works for me.

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