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Everglades of the North, The Story of the Grand Kankakee Marsh

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We had a viewing party for this one outdoors on a big screen over the summer.

Gave the film crew a tour of the Il side, and they gave me a tour of the In side while capturing footage for the documentary.

Great people.


Holy cow, really? That's cool. I remember that guy Jim Sweeney.

Watching this stuff makes me want to get into shooting video.

The K family hiked a trail along the Little Cal today. The Heron Rookery trail. Prior to that we stopped at the Dunes visitor center. Apparently there is one more video by these folks.

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If you buy the DVD , you get extra stuff that did not make the final cut . In the part entitled Characters of the Kankakee , you can see some familiar faces .


Bunch of folks from the ISA gave the crew a hand while they were making it .


Mike, if I remember right, you and I meet them at Island Park in Momence to get our involvement rolling .


I still wish they had used Zach's one on one . A teenager speaking eloquently about the importance of the river.


If any one has access to the Prairie Cat linterlibrary loan system, I donated a copy of the DVD to the Bourbonnais Library .


Patty donated a copy to the Kankakee Community College library, I believe if you pay a small fee you can get a KCC library card and check it out .

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I forgot about that initial meeting.

My favorite was when we hosted them for the river sampling event. Then Scott and Eugene joining us for an Autumn riverscape adventure.

Funny thing is....I probably spent 30 hours with the camera crew, and not one minute made the final cut.

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It's very sad to ponder how much more wonderful this wonderful planet would be if WE hadn't ruined so much of it.


Actually Ron, I made that initial post on the Indiana dunes, as it was totally inspirational at what all these people did to save them. If you can you should really see that video. I think you will really dig it. Check your Library. If they don't have a copy, you can have one transferred from another library. free (sort of you already paid for it) http://plainfieldpubliclibrary.org/resources/interlibrary-loan/#

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