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Spawning Benches

Ed Buric

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Yesterday John Loebach and I met with Dan Grigas, fisheries ecologist for the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County to install 6 more spawning benches into Northern Harrier Lake. We had previously assembled the benches in John's garage and delivered them to Northern Harrier lake yesterday morning. We then loaded them onto the county's boat and placed then on the locations that Dan had chosen and filled them with pea gravel. With the 2 benches we had previously installed this should substantially improve the spawning success in Northern Harrier lake.

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The pea gravel goes into an alumiinum ring that sits underneath the spawning bench. I have a picture on my phone but I don't know how to get it posted here. I might be able to text it to you though.


I would assume you log into the site using your phone and then proceed like usual???

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hot damn I figured it out

Thanks Kevin, I honestly didn't know that you could do that

That is how I do it also Ed. I do not have a computer any longer, use the phone exclusively.

You can also send the pictures to yours or others email addresses.

Sorry wasn't able to help with round 2.

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