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Stream Sampling with the DNR


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I took a day off of work yesterday to go play in the creek. Terry put out the call for volunteers to help the DNR sample tribs in the Kishwaukee basin. I thought it would be cool to explore a new area, so I opted for Piscasaw Creek near Poplar Grove. Here are some pics….


Generator on the boat runs the zapper out front and the aerator for the tub of fish that we net. The netters wade behind the boat and try to get all of the stunned fish and toss them into aerated tub in the boat:



After a section is complete, we pull over so Karen can identify, measure, and weigh the fish:













I believe we identified 27 species, including several suckers, several darters, stone cat, shiners, green sunfish, bluegill, rock bass, and of course smallies:






The star of the day was the American Brook Lamprey (not a parasite like sea lampreys):




It was hot sweaty work, but a lot of fun working with Karen's crew. The only other volunteer was a guy from the Shedd Aquarium looking for Rainbow Darters and Orange Throated Darters.


Our last location was a little tough to access:



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Yep. About twenty of the type he was after plus some different types. Plus I caught a snapping turtle. Saw some thrashing around and thought it might be a big smallie. Nope…big old snapper. He did not go in the tub.

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