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2nd Thursday tying at Dupage FF Co. 6:30pm 3/10/16

John Loebach

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Tom Loo will demo a dungeon leech pattern. I know it will work, everything that Tom ties does. Busy week with the Blowout just over but don't miss out on this.




Bring your tools & thread & tie along. We are usually tying by 6:30 & there is time to tie at least 2 flies. Thanks to Jeremy for hosting.
Dupage Fly Fishing Co.
1512 N. Naper Blvd.
Suite 136
Naperville, Il. 60563

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At least it is not a sex dungeon leach. None the less, it sounds interesting. but I live a smidge over 100 miles away. Please post a picture of said leach for us distance impaired dues paying members.

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I'll trade your 100 mile trip for my 150 miles any day my friend. I wish I lived farther north so I could more easily take in these events but that's the only reason I would want to live any further north. Ha


As Mike said, we would love to see photos of your event flies.

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Jim, same here. Sorry didn't have a chance to chat with you. Had a great time and glad to see lots of old friends and new friends. Left around 5:30, just when the dinner starting.

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Tyers, please bring your dubbing loop spinning tool along. If you don't have one, we can share. This is a fun and simple fly to tie, but very effective. Tomorrow folks....

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