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Flies for the Blowout - Let's get together and tie some flies to donate!

Forrest Miller

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I would ask that someone who has the ability to add this to the calendar please do so!


On February 20th (Saturday), let's get together from 8am-ish to Noon-ish and tie some flies to donate to the Blowout. John L has said that in the past this was done and I would like to bring this event back. This will be open tying. Hopefully we can get a mix of guys tying trout flies, bluegill flies, and of course bass flies. This event will be held in my subdivision in Oswego (The Hunt Club), at our clubhouse so there will be plenty of room for folks to tie. Once people sign up here I will update this original post with names. Thank you to everyone who can make it!



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Gentlemen, I was just contacted by our clubhouse manager and someone has reserved the clubhouse this weekend for a party. I was not paying to rent the space there for the paying customer gets priority over us.


I am an elder at the Oswego Presbyterian Church and therefore I would like to move this event to our church. The address of the church is 1976 US Highway 25 Oswego Illinois 60543.


Sorry for the last minute change. Usually the clubhouse does not get booked up in the winter months. If you were planning on coming to this event please either respond here that you acknowledge the change in address or send me a private message.


John, please update the address and location on the calendar.


Thanks everyone! I will stop and get donuts and we will brew some coffee using the church's coffee equipment.


I look forward to seeing everyone.

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See you guys tomorrow. I think you will enjoy the room we are tying in. It has extremely bright lights. I will have coffee and a donuts for us. If you have another snack you'd like to bring, feel free. I'm looking forward to seeing what we come up with to donate.

My plan is to tie up a box of flies for trout in the Driftless Region. Scuds, Wiggle Worms, and Pink Squirrels galore



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