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Food for thought - good stuff Maynard

Rob G

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You may have known about this but I just discovered this website and it's chock full of informative articles and videos. I'll highlight a few that I think have merit as to smallmouth fishing but there are several articles well worth your time reading. Feel free to discuss any of the topics below.


How Your Fly Fishing Leader and Tippet Affect Presentation


Articulated streamers





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So am I the only one who has heard time and again that Flurocarbon is more dense, sinks faster and gets down deeper and yet on the above clip (though not conclusive) shows a thinner mono allowing the fly to drop more quickly?


I used to be obsessed with the idea that flouro sank. And so I went to extremes to use mono for surface flies and flouro for sinking flies. However the SGs of both lines are very close. And surface tension will float flouro usually. Thus I can use either one on a floating fly. I don't break down in tears if I don't have spools both materials in my pocket when I leave home.

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