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Unprecedented- I Need Help!

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An unprecedented success for this program has caused us to close registration 3 weeks in advance of the event.
Sgt. Tommy's Kids Fishing Day hit the mark of 300 registered kids as of last night.
That's what the event is built for and is what we planned for.

JULY 18th at Herrick Lake.

I need your help in the casting field!!

PLEASE reply or email, text, or whatever!

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Guest rich mc

I did a gear check . 13 casting outfits, 7 lil kid rod outfits, targets 4 buckets , bucket of felt fish and 3 rods and kiddy pool. I will be setting up a table for tying the palomar knot. this is to give those waiting in line something to learn. if we have enough helpers perhaps we can do a jig/ fly tying demo we need more volunteers !

how many more days ed?

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Does anybody have a banner in their possession that we can set up?
The weather is supposed to be fantastic!
Looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday.

Rich- I'll be bringing more rods, so we'll be better equipped for all those kids.

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I'll be there. I've got three more short kiddie poles and a couple of buckets. I also have some extra Velcro tabs for the felt fish that'll I'll bring. Does Rich have the bobbers and casting plugs? They should have been with the rods and reels, targets, etc.


See you on Saturday. Looking forward to a great day helpin' the kids!



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THANKS! I'll be bringing 8 extra rods and a bag of bobbers.

One year we had access to some hula hoops. For whatever reason, the targets couldn't be tracked down.
I'd like to come up with alternate targets along with the vinyl ones.
Any ideas?
We'll be doing this "in the round" again to accommodate 3 shifts of 100 kids, so I'm game for something unique to try.


Also, I assume the orange cones are with the kit? I'll bring some bigger ones again to separate casting lanes.

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Guest rich mc

i have the bag of bobbers that was with the rods 8 small cones and 4 large. I have two small tables and chairs for doing the knot tying. does anyone have one of those suncanopies?i plan to be there just before 8

I have samples of the satin material I will gladly give to our volunteers. rich mc

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