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May '15 Outdoor Notebook - WOW!

Jim J

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The May '15 issue of Outdoor Notebook ... WOW! Page 18 features a fishing pic of Eric, one fishing pic of his son Grant, the ISA "standard" color ad and the new ISA color ad (Why Don't People Care?) featuring his son Brent. On page 19, there is even a photo of Eric (just a hand shot) holding a nice Fox River smallmouth with one of Jonn's new Warrior Swim Jigs in its mouth.

If that wasn't enough, on page 30 there's another color fishing pic of Eric with a Fox River smallmouth and promoting www.fishthefox.com. Eric was blown away! Publisher Bob Maciulis has really outdone himself with including pics and supporting the ISA!

We didn't ask Bob for any of that. He just did it. Wow!


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They should call it the Eric-ISA Outdoor Notebook. The ISA logo really stands out!

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I used to love fishing the Fox River when I lived up that way. I bet I hit it three to four times a week after I retired. It is a great river to fish and I believe that is do to all the work the ISA has put into it.

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