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Couldn't Sleep

John Gillio

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I usually have no problem falling to sleep, as was proven when I sat down after dinner to read the evening paper and listen to the beginning of the cubs/cards ball game. Two and 1/2 hours later I awaken to the late innings of the game. Now It's after midnight and I can't get back to sleep. So, why not talk some fishing. After pondering over Rob G.'s question about hook lengths, I realize I have nothing to offer on that one. Nothing too much to brag about on my few ventures to the river. So I think I will show off my home office. My wife calls it the cabin. I am usually not in the "cabin" at sunrise, but the other day I just happened to step in as the sun was rising. It looked rather nice as the sun shined through the east windows onto the west wall, so I snapped a few photos.










I suppose you could guess, from this little display, that I am into fishing.

Still no ideas concerning Rob's dilemma, so I think I'll go to bed and sleep on it.


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Thanks Tom, I have a few bamboo rods on the wall. Some are baitcast some are fly. Aside from one that I rebuilt from some junk I found on e-bay, they are all factory rods. The one in the photo is my father's old South Bend rod. The net was his too. The other rods were also from family. The creel I bought on sale at Cabela's :).

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