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Hands Free Rod Holder

Mark Lutz

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Since this was a topic of discussion at the recent tying event at my place, I thought I would find the website and forward it on to those that may have an interest.


I have used this device for several years and have found it to be very helpful. Fly rod or spin gear, doesn't matter.




Good Luck



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This is one of those ideas where I thought, " Why didn't I thinka that?" Then I thought some more. It costs about $7 per hook at $10 plus S&H; maybe it is a tad over engineered. More thought. In my life of Honey Dos, I have enough experience with hanging drapes to remember slip on drapery hooks.




they are about 3" long and cost about 35 cents each. The loops on the top and bottom would let you pin or sew them at the right height on your shirt, jacket, or vest. If you have qualms about the wire scuffing your rod, you can slip some plastic tubing over the hook.


Now if one were to take a set off the drapes in the family room would anyone notice? :rolleyes:

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I'll bet my wife would .


You could tie it to your wader straps with some braid. You could dip the dips into that rubberized gunk you can use to coat your tool handles with if you have some. If not use the rubber tips off the hooks that certain brands of spinnerbaits have. Reuse stuff from fishing gear you have any way .

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I will let the pictures tell the story.








In action




2 drap hooks

6" shrink sleeving

4 #3 safety pins (2")

Size D nylon rod wrapping thread or your choice of fly tying thread, fishing line, etc.

Head cement or nail polish

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