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Dear Fellow Smallmouth Fisherman;


We need your help now more than ever! We have to save this fantastic Smallmouth fishery. Big Sandy is too beautiful a stream to loose to the destruction of a Mega Hog Factory! Please help us stop VMC Corp. of Iowa from coming here to Marshall County Illinois and building this Mega Hog Factory within 2000 ft. of the Big Sandy!


Check out the story in the news letter starting on pg. 4, ending on pg. 6, Prairie Rivers is a great partner of ours in fighting this Hog Factory fight, please sign their petition, and help support their efforts, and ours to stop these Hog Factories from destroying our environment, and our quality of life.


Thank You,





See our Web Site: http://www.friendsofsandycreek.com/


Please sign our Petition: http://action.prairierivers.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=11128


Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF0Q06RYQfw

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I just fished Sandy today and caught 15 feisty smallmouth. This stream should be helped.

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Mark is featured in the latest Prairie Rivers Network newsletter. The article "A Rural Paradise Lost" describes the trauma of living near large hog operations like the one proposed for Marshall County along Sandy Creek. Mark is quoted about the bass fishing in Sandy Creek.

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Thank you everyone for your support of our "SOS" group, and helping us "Save Our Sandy". Our fight is far from over. We need to keep this issue alive and keep fighting VMC of Iowa, we have to stop them from building their proposed Mega Hog Factory anywhere near the Big Sandy Creek in Marshall County, it will inevitably pollute and destroy this beautiful place. Help us protect our beloved Smallmouth Bass.


Please visit our Web Site for more information on how you can help stop this: http://www.friendsofsandycreek.com


Thanks, Mark

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