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Trade flies for pickles?


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This I know, probably one of the strangest posts ever on ISA bassbuggers. Let me explain:


I am headed up to the Menominee river in two weeks and will be fly fishing only. Target fish are smallmouth and pike. My issue is I am running out of time to tie up more flies. The biggest reason is that I have been busy canning loads of pickles.


So, here is my offer. Hopefully, I am not in violation of ISA rules. I am, for a limited time, willing to trade pints of pickles for flies. These pickles are made from cukes out of my garden. I do not use any chemicals and have only used organic fertilizers. The flavor is sweet and spicy. They are great for bloodies and Chicago style dogs. I have been canning these for two years now and have had many many compliments. Most of my coworkers have tasted my pickles. :-)


I live near Starved Rock and work in Bolingbrook and some days in Aurora off Eola rd. I will be down at Evergreen Lake this weekend but will meet anyone in the evenings during the week through next Thursday. I am not setting any standards on what type, size or amount of flies. I am good with what you think is fair. Just know you are getting a pint of some fantastic sweet and spicy pickles that will leave you wanting more. I currently have about 20 pints and 15 quart jars. Many more to come.






Thanks folks. I appreciate it!


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Next time there is an outing near by, I will be sure to bring extra jars!


Thanks to TomL and RobG. Both stand up guys always willing to share info and help a fellow fly guy out!

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