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Illinois Bowfishing Championship

John Gillio

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The National Bowfishing Alliance along with the IDNR are hosting the annual," Director's Shoot State Bow Fishing Championship" on the Illinois River at Starved Rock. Dates for the event are July 19-20. Entry fee is $30. Grand prize is at least $1000. From what I understand, there are seperate shoots during the day and at night. Lots of prizes. Sounds like fun if you are into bowfishing. You can register at eddevries@illinoisbowfishing.net.

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It is a great event that promotes o sporting way to get rid of so called rough fish.


It is also ironic to see the announcement on a site that promotes C&R so consistently even though that is only an apparent contradiction. Figure out how to explain that to an Aborigine. What makes a 2 pound bass worth more than a 20 pound Carp especially if you can't eat it? That is something I think about when I am out using a $$$ fly outfit and a $$ fly trying to catch bass that I could easily catch on live bait and a Zebco combo. It's a Jekyll and Hyde moment.

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It is to some degree arbitrary as to which species we feel is more desirable but the non-native common carp is very destructive to many habitats and it's rooting around behavior has been shown to decrease largemouth bass and other game fish populations by destroying their beds. The invasive Asian carp, both Bigheads and Silvers have decimated native fish populations in the Illinois River by reducing plankton numbers to such a great extent that baitfish and small fry of more desirable fish species are unable to compete. Buffalo, gar, quillback, suckers, they're the ones that really get the raw deal, since they're non-destructive and native to this area but simply became less desirable.

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