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Get Outside!

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Winnebago County Forest Preserve District (WCFPD) is asking folks to "Get Outside!" this summer.

The ISA NW Region has been invited to assist in this program and will be conducting a stream sampling clinic on July 26.

The clinic is titled "A River Within" and participants will assist in some hands-on river seining to learn what kind of

creatures live within the river and the kinds of creature that the smallmouth might like to snack on.

We are going to need some help with this so anybody interested please pop me a PM.

Sounds like the "Get Outside!" program will be some good family fun with nice prizes.


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Received this email from Jamie on Friday.....

~ I would like to invite ISA to host a display/information table at the Get Outside! kick-off event on Saturday, June 7th from 12;00 -3:00 at Hononegah Forest Preserve. I would love to have you bring your ISA information, kayaks, banners, etc., and also distribute some general information about fishing and local rivers. The purpose of the kick-off event is to offer some previews and background information on all the various activities scheduled for Get Outside, and also to create excitement. We will have free refreshments and door prizes, so I think that will draw people. I imagine we will have some media coverage, as well. Other stations at the kick-off will be highlighting birds/bird watching, camping, wild life, paddling, golf, etc.

I hope someone from your organization will be able to bring some materials and man a station at this fun event to generate interest in ISA’s A River Within on July 26th. Please let me know if you can join us so I can provide a picnic table and sign, and anything else you might need for your display.

Thanks so much for being part of Get Outside!

Jamie B. Johannsen

Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Winnebago County Forest Preserve District


I will be attending and will be bringing my kayak, not only to display, but also to float the sugar river afterwards.

Have never fished the Sugar River.

Sugar River F.P. is about 10 to 12 miles from Hononegah F.P.

Camping is available at these forest preserves, so I'm thinking I'll be pitching a tent also.

Anybody else up for it?

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