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Masked Avenger

Mike G

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Here' a video I saw on Hatches. Besides featuring an articulated fly it shows a lot of other innovative techniques. The use of the small hair clip to control wing materials is brilliant. rich will have to sent his daughter to the cosmetic section again.


It struck me that this fly could be tied with anywhere from one to three hooks-fore, middle, and/or aft on the fly. My thought is that the one at the back should be enough. After you watch the vid, let me know what you think.



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Not Einstein's but my own law of relativity dictates that the amount of time a specific fly is able to be fished is inversely proportional to the amount of time required to tie said fly. That means that beautiful Masked Avenger that took me 30 minutes to tie, will end up in a tree or snagged where I can't reach it in say ……oh 4 casts or less.

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