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Wings for an Angler

Tom L

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Thanks Tom.


Lee taught himself to tie flies without a vise, but I guess he never got the hang of flying without a plane. I forgot that he was a big advocate of using the "flea" rod for big fish. He was also an early advocate for C&R though the coup that first salmon got does not fit the image. I wonder what he would do with today's equipment. His 2# leader was probably 1 or 2x Silk gut. Today he would be in heaven with a 2x leader testing around 8# maybe more.

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Yea, I had to laugh, a friend of mine sent me a link to a Curt Gowdy and Lee Wulff video on a fly-in fishing trip for huge Brookies in Labrador and in one scene Lee is quoted as saying, "a sport fish is much too valuable to be caught only once" and the next scene shows him frying up a big Brook trout over a camp fire in a black iron skillet. Not that I wouldn't have done the same. Great video btw.

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It is kind of cool to see a legend in actions. Especially, he was using a 2oz bamboo rod (not sure what weight that would be. prob a 4-5 weight) and a light tippet (as Mike had pointed out, prob 8+lbs line) to catch a 14+lbs Atlantic Salmon.


This film was shot in 1927. I think it was long before Lee became an advocate of C&R. Some of the footages were shot by his son, who prob at the time was only 10. What a thrill that must be for a boy that age to get to see and fish the virgin land of the north.


Rob - The Brook Trout of the Minipi, produced by Joan and Lee in 1987, is another classic.



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In the video Wulff says he is using 2 pound tippet. I figured if it was gut it would have been 1 or 2x which would be 8 pounds or more in today's nylon. So his feat is catching that fish on a 2# tippet; gut or nylon 2 pounds is 2 pounds. In an old book (1940) that I have, John Alden Knight (the moon phase man) recommends to an IFI line for trout fishing; that's a dt3 in todays specs. So I suspect Wulff's rod is a 3 or 4 wt.

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