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NW Region Kishwaukee River Wade Outing

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The south branch experienced an algal bloom which began on Saturday, 8/3/13.

We'll probably be best to stick with the north branch, which seems to be producing pretty darn-tootin' good right now.





Let us know if you plan to attend so as I can get the tables set at the cafe.

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Decided to hit the Kish south branch today to see if it had recovered from the algal bloom of two weeks ago.

I am happy to report that it has.

Picked up 12 smallmouth on a tube. Tried top water a couple times but could find no interest.

Biggest smallmouth taped at 17 inches....


Can't figure out how to take a picture when it's sunny out.

(here's how not to do it)



17 inch smallmouth










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Please set a place at the table for me. Not sure about fishing, but I'd hate to miss out on breakfast. I hear the biscuits and gravy are absolutely fabulous.

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Terry, I would like to go fishing with you guys, can you give me directions to cafe after getting off 90, i am coming from sw chicago, thanks Dan.

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