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Central Region Outing- Kankakee River this Saturday

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Planning on meeting at the State Park Concession Stand @8AM. I've heard this rain may have put a damper on the plans to fish. Any inside lines?

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I was at Warner Bridge today, the water was high and dirty. The vegetation on the Islands upstream of the bridge was just poking out of the water. Downstream was no better. You cant wade out to them it would be too dangerous.

I drove down to the boat ramp those Islands are completely under water.

If you look on the USGS site you will see Wilmington is up but the river is falling at Momence.

I will try and get to Momence to do a visual in the next couple of days.

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water willow pattern not as effective with the dropping water levels. wading is limited, especially if you aren't familiar with the river. there are a whole lot of places it hasn't been and still isn't safe to get to.


NIAA K3 derby starts Friday, most likely lots of derby fishermen out unless the weather turns to crap.


if you do go best bets fishing cranks, ratllebaits or jigs on seams or hitting the deeper edges/still submerged parts of the water willows.some creek mouths producing , others aren't, same with point pools.


Momence gauge dropping, chebanse gauge looks like it crested but calling for more rain mid week.


above the Iroquois make be better but a lot of the pull offs on the side roads have been posted since last fall.

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Haven't heard from too many people for this one. I personally cannot make it tomorrow as something has come up. If anyone does go, good luck and land a big one for me. Finally caught my first smallie of the year yesterday, so not being able to make it is a crushing blow. I've been overcome with summer smallie addiction yet again.

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