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Crayfish pattern

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Hey guys, just kind of screwing around with material on hand. Rabbit strip claws, rabbit strip palmered around the hook, and then skin skin pulled over the back to push rabbit fur down as legs. Plastic eyes by the bend, and lead dumbell underneath by the eye. This is a horrible pic, because it was taken while it was underwater. The rabbit fur legs really separated underwater, and moved a lot. Between all the rabbit fur, and the longer antenna's, it has great motion. Ryan



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Thanks Tom. You obviously fish your crayfish pattern a lot, do the smallies tend to like the olive patterns more on the fox? Or do you blend the olive with the rust color in your flies? Ryan

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The Fox River crawfish are mostly olive with tints of orange and red. I think that's why the Foxy Crawdad works so well, because it has all 3 color combo eventhough the fly does not look like the real crawfish at all.


Here is the Foxy Crawdad again:


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