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High water on little streams moves things around

Dick G

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Getting back to an area that I fished last year, I was shocked to see how the spring flooding had rearranged the furniture so to speak. Big trees plopped down in now what is a foot of water, bridges almost blocked with log jams, and steep bluffs washed down stream. Waded in a few spots that were rocky last year and are now covered with two feet of sand. Old holes are filled in and new ones have appeared. Watch your step out there when you make your first visit to your local streams this year. Almost got stuck in the muddy sand. The one picture shows how calm the water is now. Hard to believe those big trees were cruising down the river a few weeks ago.



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Nice pics and thanks for the reminder to be careful out there.

I did notice in the first pic there is a spin combo attached to the tree. Did you happen to grab it?

The thing that has amazed me this year is that all the big trees that were down in my creek last year have all completely disappeared.

I have yet to find any evidence that they ever existed. Where'd they go?

Also, when you look up and see that clump of dried weeds hanging from a branch 8 feet above your head. WOW!

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That was my spinning gear I placed there for showing the size of the tree. I should have mentioned that in the original post.

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I fish the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior down in Alabama a few times a year. It's unobstructed and where the bridges cross it's not uncommon to find huge log jams.




Not sure exactly how big that one was but you can get some scale from the folks in the river.


Great spot to catch the Alabama Redeye Bass. Some of them don't have red eyes, some do.




Thanks for the pics and sorry to have gone off-topic.



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