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LL Bean Outdoor weekend 3/15-17

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Its getting close to that time of year, again, when LL Bean celebrates the anticipation of fishing season by having a promotion and special guests here in store to lure our customers in and educate them about local fishing areas, techniques, and tips! We’ve been happy to have you here in the past, and would like to know if you would be willing or able to participate any one of the dates during the weekend. The event will be March 15th -17th, and we would be happy to have a table set up for any kind of demonstration, presentation, or recognition for your group. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!



We tied flies last time & I have agreed to be there on Sunday 3/17 from noon to 4 pm. A couple more would be nice, let me know if you can help out. Michelle & LL Bean have been very helpful with blowout donations, participation in the Cast & Compare & support for the Early Show. Help return the favor.



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Yes LL Bean in Hoffman Estates. I want to emphasize that this is a meet the public opportunity like the shows & I will have member brochures ect. & want to represent all the activity we engage in locally. Outings, willow plantings, meetings & general smallie talk. Bean puts on a good show including groups that rehab raptors, preserve native habitat, bike, hike, or paddle.

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I thought the rep they had at The Early Show in Batavia was really nice. Low-key and no pressure. He let Ron K and I borrow a few rods to cast in the yard out back. Well, Ron cast them at least. I was impressed with his accuracy in the wind!


Good luck at the event!

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Bean's Dubl L series of flyrods are an excellent choice especially for beginners for whom their moderate action (as opposed to fast action) is ideally suited.They're really good looking too.

Accuracy with a flyrod is not hard as long as you CONCENTRATE on pointing your thumb directly at the target.With a proper cast the flyrod,the flyline,the leader,and ultimately the fly itself should go precisely where the thumb is pointing.Its than just a matter of gauging the distance which is actually easier in flycasting by falsecasting if necessary in order to gauge the distance.

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