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Tim's Xmas Flies #5, #6, #7

Tim A

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Alright, my pace hasn't been what it needs to be, so I've got to squeeze more patterns in my next few posts, starting now. Here we go:



Christmas is not only a time of toys & other gifts, but of candy. So, here are some of my Surf Candy variations large and small. No need for a detailed recipe--just get a hook, any material you want, and coat the fibers along the shank with epoxy or light-cured acrylic. You can use different body-braid tubings to create a flashier or rounder head.




Next up is my rendition of Jonny King's "Kinky Muddler."


You can use EP and tent the hackles:


You can even tie this one as a popper (banger-style) if you use a section of foam cylinder:





And lastly, for this post, is the bendback. You can tie just about anything as a bendback, but here are some narrow-bodied minnows:



Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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Thanks, Rich. I don't tie or fish them enough, but they have caught a few fish for me. They're a nice alternative to clousers when you want to change flies but still need the hook-point up.

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just outstanding minnow patterns, those will catch anything anywhere that feeds on baitfish and lovely to hold in hand as well. Your one bendback reminds me of a Crazy Charlie, of which I also tie a variant for smallies. Tough to choose a favorite there but really like that Kinky Muddler, will it get below the surface a foot or so??

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Thank you, Rob! The Kinky Muddler will get below the surface but is basically neutrally buoyant when waterlogged and tied with SF blend (as the top one is of the 2 I posted). If tied with EP/Congo Hair, it will sink a little faster. It's easy to fish below 1' if you use a sinking line, intermediate, or sink tip and a short leader. You obviously can choose heavier materials like a heavier hook, or a sparser head/body and sparse tail.


Thanks again Rob and everyone else for checking out my flies.

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