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Nice article by Dave Whitlock

Rob G

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I think Dave is giving short shrift to the effectiveness of surface fishing for big bass whether by fly or spin. Maybe his emphasis on subsurface flies is due to his having designed so many.Once temps reach the mid 50's in Spring & again as temps cool in Fall I've usually done as well or better fishing the surface of streams for big bass .It's been a good option in Summer too especially early/late.I believe that surface lures provoke the killer instinct of big bass as much as the desire for food.They're also the most fun & involving to fish & nothing equals the thrill of a surface strike.For me the only downside is losing more fish with bassbugs probably by striking too soon.For some reason that seldom happens to me with largemouths.

I've also never understood the need for sinktip lines for depths of only 2 -4' when a floater teamed with a long leader & an appropriately weighted fly for the current being fished will get it down near or on the bottom, Even using upturned hooks the frustrating frequency of bottom snagging (another reason I like surface-mid depth fishing) is verification.If needed aerial/water mends can help to get & keep the fly on the down low & is something we should all do more frequently.. Staying with a floater avoids the hassle, particularly when wading, & time on the water lost switching back & forth between the lines if also fishing the surface.Of the many fly caught fish posted on our site I doubt many if any were caught with other than a floating line.

Dave's suggestion of using a full sinker with a bassbug for fishing just off bottom is very good especially for stillwater and is a technique that the originator of the Bassbuggers & excellent ffer, Craig Riendau,employs.

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