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Where to fish MN?

andy K

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Hello everyone,


My wife is going to a 3-day seminar for work in Minnetonka, MN this weekend. I will be tagging along with a baitcaster, ultralight spinner, and a digital camera for while she is busy during the day. I have never been there before and was wondering if anyone could advise me where to hunt for smallies out that way. We are driving there, so I will have a vehicle until I need to pick her up in the evening. Any advice is appreciated.


Upon arrival, I will definitely purchase my license from a baitshop, and ask for anyone willing to share advice. I am, however, quite excited and looking to plan ahead if anyone has anything to share.


Hopefully, I will be able to post a few pics on here finally. Work/wife/new house have kept me away from my beloved DuPage river most of the Summer. Now it's time to catch some "Fall Fatties", and share pictures with you! Thank you in advance for anything you may be able to share.






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Thanks everyone for your input. I found that a guide was not a good idea being that I wouldn't be available for a full day of fishing. I went to Lake Calhoun and found perch heaven. I will need to go back next year with some more time. I had to drop off and pickup my wife so I was unable to allocate an entire day to fishing. It was still a great time and I have never seen so many perch before anywhere.


Thanks again!

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