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dog hair flies?


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I have a young golden retriever that sheds hair prolifically. As I was recently brushing her and getting handfuls of hair, golden and very delicate, I wondered if there was a use for it in fly tying. Anyone ever use dog hair and have any opinions about how to use it. Can't really stack it like deer hair and I don't know how sturdy it would be in a fly. Looking for ideas.

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I use coyote fur from some strips I salvaged from a coat collar. Like your golden the skin has longer guard hairs and shorter cottony underfur. I cut bunchs close to the skin and then comb out the underfur to get the long guard hairs like the ones used for the tail on this bug.




That leaves a lot of underfur for dubbing. What you brush out of your golden is mostly underfur. It would be hard to sort out the guard hairs unless you cut right off of the dog leaving a bedraggled looking pet. (Though the long fibers on golden's tail look great for streamers, I never had the heart to tie a Golden streamer.) Last thought. Wash the underfur before you use it on a fly.

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That is the idea, Rob. It is just something I heard and passed along. I have seen some moth eaten flies in the past-not pretty. You don't know what is on an animal that goes outside, while an indoor pet is low risk. Figure yoour risk.


BTW I do not not wash because my coyote hide is clean. With some people, I make a bad joke that, when Gretel, our German Shepherd, died, I could not pass up the chance to get some 1st class AKC tying fur. :wacko:


These guys kick it up a notch:





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